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SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard

 SteelSeries Apex is designed to give you everything you want and more. With sleek lines and style, the Apex leaves nothing to be desired. Enjoy 88 more ways to win with 22 macro keys each capable of up to 4 macro layers. SteelSeries ActiveZone lighting delivers 5 independent color zones, each capable of 16.8 millions colors for style and function. Set unique colors for each of your macro layers enabling you to not only recognize your current layer faster, but also locate groups of keys with ease. The Apex also includes a few extras like integrated USB hub, independent media keys, and a braided nylon cable. 



- Low profile keys for great feel with short travel distance and fast response time
- Ergonomically elevated F and macro keys
- Media Controls
- 1000 Hz polling rate
- 1ms response time
- Anti ghosting (10 N-key rollover)
- SteelSeries Engine drives everything including illumination, macros, and profiles
- Zone Lighting (4 zones plus edges, Multi color, Variable Intensity LEDs)
- Macro keys on the side and top (4 layers – 20keys)


The Apex claims to feature the World’s fastest response times on a gaming keyboard, and has 16.8 million color options with Active-Zone illumination for complete control. Design-wise, the Apex looks like the bomb! It’s design gives you both the look you want in a keyboard and also, the functionality you need from it.
  • Raised macro-keys along the top and left side, which provide faster and more precise macro-combinations.
  • The addition of two small tactile bumps on the W-key to provide a faster return to WASD.
  • Superior anti-ghosting that supports simultaneous key presses in 20 of the most used gaming keys on the Apex and Apex [RAW}.
  • An enlarged space bar and added directional keys that support features that improve comfort and reaction time.
  • A SteelSeries key that allows the user to easily adjust brightness and disable the Windows key with no software required.
  • Two swappable feet that allow the user to adjust the keyboard’s angle to what is most comfortable.

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