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Why Nuffnang did not Pay me

I'm a Glitterati   user on Nuffnang   I requested  my first payment  Feb 11 2013  and they did not pay me,until  I requested second payment  June 18 2013 still NO LUCK   I did not get payment. I contact them on there Facebook Page.

They ask about my email i gave them my 2 emails   and I didn't receive any emails

They replied :  Hi! We forwarded this again to our accounting team. Thanks

 I wait  another , another  month    still no emails  and I contact them  they ask bank account ,  most Filipino don't have  account    I prepared payments via Paypal  so I gave my Paypal  account they say

"Paypal, but at the moment, the system does not favor Paypal, as it needs to be a unilateral directive from the head office in Malaysia downwards to the Filipino offices."

I have ATM so I gave my ATM  from Payonner  still  NO email  or Payment  mail check on my address.

One day I receive  emailed from Nuffnang and says:

Sorry for the too much delay. Expect your payment by next week. For the mean time, can you just provide the following bank details:

NO Payment  after that week, then  I have receive an email  they say the one who I talk resign

I fallow  up again they reply

You can Cashout if you have your ATM, Bank Account, M lhuillier, LBC and Western Union. You just need to give your bank account details. Thanks!

I  always contact them always saying..

We will update you on Friday again. Thanks!
Okay, We already forwarded it to our accounting team.

E'm I talking to a robot or what?   when can get my fruit of my labor.

  I search on  Google "nuffnang did not pay me "

Result : https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=nuffnang+did+not+pay+me&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

In the result  some bloggers , takes a year before they get their  small amount payment.

This make up my mind I will remove and not recommend  Nuffnang   ads  for bloggers  specially  for beginners.

After I post this  I  will wait  to there action  until then..


I change may mode of payment via Western Union

to change your mode of payment contact;

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