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Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 

In many ways, the Parrot AR Drone, released in 2010, foresaw the current boom in consumer quadcopters. Although there had been an active geek culture building and programming quads prior to that date (2005 on), the AR Drone fired up the fancy of many and was well covered in the press.

When first introduce Drone prize are  expensive  until it becomes a open source that you can even make one on your garage buying  by parts. Capture photo and videos via aero   on especial events.

Brookstone was the initial primary vendor and it was sold as as a “flying video game”, although I have little idea of what they meant by that! It turned out that the original AR Drone was not quite ready for prime time…lots of problems, including flyaways, inability to control, easily damaged parts, etc. were reported. Customer satisfaction was not high – yet they kept selling and interest remained high.
In mid-2012, Parrot released the new AR Drone 2.0 which addressed many of the shortcomings of the 1.0 model and added a higher resolution camera. At the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2013, Parrot announced various upgrades to the AR Drone, including a GPS module and longer lasting batteries. Together these may make the AR Drone capable of fully autonomous flight (that is, following a series of waypoints you place on google maps, etc.).


Easier to Fly!
Those who have a difficult time flying ANY quadcopter with the standard R/C controllers could surely consider the AR as their first (and maybe only) quadcopter. THe AR, as well as some other newer craft (DJI Phantom, etc.) have a lot of built-in intelligence which helps to fly the craft. As an example, the AR Drone will BOTH takeoff and land with the simple press of a button…while most every other R/C quadcopter needs to be manually guided to the ground.

AR.Freeflight is the primary application used to fly and pilot the AR.Drone. Pilot with or without the accelerometer and switch from the frontal camera to the vertical camera.
  • Record pictures, nav data & videos and upload them instantly right from the application
  • New user friendly interface
  • Compatible with AR.Drone and AR.Drone 2.0

Download the official  apps at Google play and App Store.


Parrot AR Drone  Specification

Where to buy Parrot AR.DRONE 2

You buy online  at Amazon many company develop cheap drone as low as 35$ depending on Drone specification.

In the Philippines  I search where to buy  from their official website  located at Mandaluyong


PISMO Digital Lifestyle, INC

Address :

Unit 6027, Level 6, East Wing Shangri0la Plaza, EDSA Cor. Shaw Blvd., Manadaluyong City,Mandaluyong City,18175,Mandaluyong City,Mandaluyong City
Mandaluyong City 18175

Phone :

(02) 470 1918 to 19 Loc. 237

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Parrot AR Drone 2.0. In many ways, the Parrot AR Drone, released in 2010, foresaw the current boom in consumer quadcopters. Although there ... drohneparrot.blogspot.com

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