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ad serving has been disabled to your website

Four days ago I receive notification ad serving has been disabled to your website . Exact timing while I'm talking to a blogger.  It really a heartache for my income   I  try to appeal I deleted the download link and post with contain  crack software.

ad serving stop on blogmytuts   and its like  a ghost town  when you see no ads running.

I have tutorial  for those crack software step by step how to use. The problem is they are crack and direct download. But if you use torrent is  acceptable because it is not direct .

To be honest this is my second account  my first account  was  disabled  for invalid click activity and never reinstated.  It   was like a click BOOM  my viewers rise on my post then.

I just send a violation appeal  cross my finger  to be reinstated  and make bussiness again  with  adsense.

 Policy Violation Appeal link

My adsense account still active  and ads on my other blog are still present ,the problem is  I don't have a income. Mean while I experimenting alternative to adsense.

Update   I resolve  1  issue   I just wondering why there is .br on my site link it suppose to  blogspot.com only?.

  Im hunting Violation using search on Google Search
Link :https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/3011847?hl=en

I used that to search violation and already delete the problem is they still show up on search query      my appeal was failed  I heard it take two days to refresh content

4 times  trying   I deleted or save to draft my 100+ post  to comply with their policy.

They reply with the  same message   I realize I'm not talking to a real person. They used bot or software to reply.  I even   send message to their fb page and Google plus.

Google automated Answering Machine

If  I'm  right   they using  bot or software and not a really person.

The bot will see my  ban  / deleted  post in Google search query  include cache and thinks I violate their policy even I already delete the post or never exist page.

Example:  search keyword  blogmytuts connectify pro

If a real people open the link is not available

How can a bot read this  and cannot understand the word consideration..
My personal blog have  a nice page views

Update my Fifth  Appeal  Accepted  thank goodness back to business.

Problem  resolved

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