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Create a Survey on Google Docs

You can create a simple survey that you can share  with your friends   and its so amazing!.
Create a Poll or survey  an event to all your  followers or group  and get their opinion.
If your a teacher you can create answer sheet.

This form is free! with analytic results

Go to you Google docs  create a form .

Fill up  Title (pamagat) then chose Template  (Tema)

Now  you can put question  and answer  here.

You can  add more question , photo etc.

All who answer will automatically save in your Google Docs.

There is also a Pie  View

If you want to stop the survey just click here.

My  Sample  form Visit :  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1joJGbtN1iC1FzfUgYitmBkv_2qwiJAIRRwDKLBMNX-A/viewform

A answer results https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1joJGbtN1iC1FzfUgYitmBkv_2qwiJAIRRwDKLBMNX-A/viewanalytics

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