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How to generate manual mac for 622m

It is hard to test all mac working for 622m and it takes long when you generate and test which are working. to minimize your time  used this trick.
Example Mac  :  34:6B:D3:8F:D4:94

When we generate mac usually only 6th  character change (94 for example)

I noticed the working mac generated have the same  figure  sequence at the end.
0, 4, 8, C  this are the always the command  ending. we can produce mac by MS office.


1.Open a MS Excel and generate  34:6B:D3:8F:D4:  cell A=1 to 64

 2. Create  4 copy of letter  A  to F  after that  0 to 9.   cell B  =  1 to 64

 3. Next on cell C   type this  0 4 8 C    copy paste only.  cell C1 to C64.

4. Now  highlight all  cell ABC   copy.

5. Open a new Notepad  then paste almost done.

You see space? you cannot use that mac :P  now lets remove the space all at once.

1. Highlight the space then click copy.

2. Go to edit the click replace or use shortcut crtl+h .

3.  Paste the  space on the find what  then

Click replace all and all space will disappear.

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