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Microsoft buys Nokia mobile unit for $7.17 billion

Good for half-dead Nokia, at the same time – it is also good for Microsoft because, the shareholders of Microsoft are confused big time as to what is the future of Microsoft and this good move to buy out Nokia unit will keep the shareholders guessing for sometime and give the required breather for Microsoft to plan ahead.

On Tuesday well known giant company Nokia announced that it was selling its beleaguered mobile phone unit to Microsoft for $7.17 billion (5.44 billion euros).

Nokia took this decision to compete with Apple and Google. Nokia dominated the mobile phone market for almost 14 years, until it was beaten by Samsung in 2012.
The deal is expected to close in 2014′s first quarter subject to the usual scrutiny from shareholder and regulators.
All doors are now opened for Microsoft to enter into Mobile world because Microsoft buys world’s leading mobile phone maker company to fight giant competitors Apple and Google. Nokia bought windows operating system for mobile when it was in testing phase. But before launching it Android took all marketplace. Microsoft paid $8.5 billion for Skype, Google paid $12.4 billion for Motorola and now Microsoft buys Nokia for $7.17 billion. Before Elop joined, Nokia devices unit alone was worth much more than these companies..
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