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Bypass Globe Telecom Limited Acces in League of Legends

How to bypass  Globe Telecom Limited  Access in  League of Legends - Garena Plus LOL games.

 League of Legends  Globe server are  congested and only few can  connect.

You can try a  Free VPN found in Google  Log in  in LOL then  switch back  to your globe IP ( VPN  this can increase your ping so you need to switch back to normal globe IP)

I have my own VPN
 Japan server

The one  I tested is using  other internet  provider  like MyBro  Wimax  which  is  a Smart provider.

 There is a Free  Fast  IP switcher available  you can download at  http://www.eusing.com/ipswitch/free_ip_switcher.htm

 Key Features 
Switch IP network settings "on the fly" without restarting
Switch Internet Explorer proxy-server settings
Switch your default printer
Switch your computer name and workgroup
Import current network settings to the setting
System-tray icon support, auto-start with windows
100% Spyware FREE, NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses

A network settings includes:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
DNS Server
WINS Server
Computer Name
DNS Domain
Default Printer
Proxy Settings

On those feature we need only:
IP Address  - it depends on your modem DHCP setting
Subnet Mask - default is
Default Gateway - LAN IP address of your modem
DNS Server  - you can use public DNS like Google

 For Customize  modem setting for globe  check :    http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2013/09/three-modem-in-1-hub.html

Configure Sample:
NOTE : you must Check the BOX  IP and DNS

You can rename each IP setting just click edit

Now  if you want to log in  in LOL  select smart then press F5 it takes  a few seconds  to apply the setting  NO need to restart PC.

After log in  ingame switch back to Globe IP.

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