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Creating a Bootable Windows XP and Windows 7 in 1 USB

Tuts how to create  bootable  2 OS in one USB  :)
Now  you can combined  Windows XP and Windows 7 in 1 USB Flash Drive.

You Need:
1. Flash Drive with 8 Gig Capacity or more.
2. ISO file of Windows XP and Window 7.
3. Magic ISO Virtual CD/DVD.  ( use this and insert your ISO or image  )  DOWNLOAD
4.WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3  DOWNLOADMirror
password :blogmytuts.blogspot.com

1. Insert your 8 Gig USB Flash
2. Open WinSetupFromUSB then Click the RMPrepUSB

 3. Fallow this setting on this image

4. Click the Prepare Drive  this  will Format your USB into NTFS Filesystem for fast I/O.

When done click Exit.

 5 Prepare your   Magic ISO  CD/ DVD  mount your XP and Windows 7.

Set  2 Number of Drives

Inserct each ISO on each drive

6. Windows XP bootable
  • Brows e your Windows XP Drive   
  • ( used magic ISO to insert your windows  ISO file Virtual Drive is much faster than a real disk )
  • then click OK  
  • then click GO to start the copying

When done  just click OK and accept any agreement.

7. Insert Windows 7 Bootable
  • Check the box  Vista/7
  • Browse  your Win 7 
  • then click OK
  • click  GO

Click OK when done..

8. Replace the Boot Files
  • Open the bootfiles folder
  • copy the  2 files
  • open your Flash drive
  • Paste and replace  and your done!!

Now for the Test...

Choosing XP Setup
Windows 7 Setup

Selfie pic  lol


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