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How to Change Facebook Single Name Only

How to Change Facebook Single Name Only

If you want to change  name Facebook with your code name only or first name only.

You  need to change your location  to Indonesia.

How?  you need  a live IP and port   also known as Proxy Server

You can Find Live Proxy Server for Indonesia  at:


Set the Proxy on your Mozilla Fire Fox Browser or any.. ( I recommend FireFox)
  • Go to Tools
  • Option
  • Click Advance
  • Click Network Tab
  • Click Settings
  • Click Manual Proxy
  • type your IP  and Port Example :     8080
  • Click use this proxy for all protocols
  • then apply

Check your Proxy if you can Browse ( search anything on Google)

Now go to your Facebook Account Setting

On General Change Language Setting 
Choose Bahasa Indonesia then click Change

Now Change your Name 

Take Note you can only change name 5 times

After changing your name put back your original Language Setting and remove your Proxy

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