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Huawei BM622i Custom Firewall Set

For  Temporary  Huawei BM622i Protection Set Customize  Firewall via admin log in

( when change mac with restore default command  custom firewall will be erase  )

WARNING!!The reset button  at the back of the modem is only restart  not a restore default  switch.
if you close all LAN  and WAN  you cannot  access your modem . WAG TANGA!!

1. Log in as  admin  then  
  • go to  firewall  
  • click custom
  • set a Name of your own firewall
  • click apply

2. Choose a Firewall
  • select the name of your firewall
  • click apply

3. Delete  Existing  Firewall Exception
  •  Check all the BOX
  • click Minus sign (-)

4. Adding exemption to the Firewall -Enable Access

  • Service type  Telnet  
  • choose LAN
  • click Apply

NOTE: WAG NYO i DEELETE yung HTTP dahil hindyo nyo na maaacess yung Wimax nyo...

Update para hindi mag kamali ng pag delete  Change  existing ACL profile nalang..
example yung ACS  gagawin nyo nalang Telnet   tapos  LAN  click apply  2x  lower at upper apply..

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