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Huawei Wimax BM622m Vulnerability Remote Attacks when WAN is open

I was  scanning IP on my WAN network observing and finding something new.

Using a free software Angry IP Scanner     with open port 80  one of the IP that I open on web browser show  a new modem. The most scan able Wimax modem is BM622 which is easy to log in via remote bye default user name and password.

A BM622m  this is not normal it must be set as open WAN  accidentally by the user.

WAN Telnet is Enabled

When Telnet Enabled you can easily inject the admin temporally.

I check the acl  and  I was right  all WAN was enabled  and I verify that the modem was a illegal  because the user WAN  and LAN  are same XD LOL. I think the owner is a newbie.

 I have no intention to destroy his/her modem   I just leave it that way after viewing GUI.

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