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The Profile Picture have meaning

Profile pics show a background of your self or the place where everybody, except me, goes to show the world how fulfilling and love-filled their happy, well rounded lives are.  It’s just not my style or Facebook is the world of illusions.

The Profile Picture  do they have meaning ?

 This can be a joke or half true  its up to you if they have meaning mirror your self.

boy friend or girl friend pic:
- He or she loves her

A man or women with a baby's pic:
- a loving father/mother
- maybe separated parent  or LQ.

A selfie Pic :
-confident fulfilling
-making illusion
-love-filled their happy

 A mother father child:
- a happy family
- respect

Unknown Pic:
- hidding or there is emptiness
- a netizen active during night
- hacktivist

Animated Pic:
 - fascinated with or young at heart

 Artist Pic or Celebrity
-a pretender
-a joker
-a poser

If you have all this:
- dual personality
- attitude problem

The image that you want to project to the world keeps changing on sometimes. This are only fun post not a reference who you are and you’re going to get that same unfiltered truth in social media networking. 

Okay, I have to go see if anyone has changed their profile pic again... HAHAHA

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