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VLC Player max volume will damage your Laptop Speaker

Warning: Do not max your volume when using VLC Player on you Laptop.

VLC is a popular media player has a feature that can make the audio seem louder than other players. VLC achieves this by using a process that creates hard clipping (see below in this thread for explanation) which can damage small speakers can be damaged after several hours of using VLC.

 It is common for laptop speakers to be cheap and break easily . But the speaker will only input a max signal that its driver allows or clipping occurs.

Speakers are made of paper or fabric to much power vibrates will tore the paper or fabric.

VLC is like a amplifier  Software can say 1000000% and your laptop speaker  won't take more power. 
 If u raise it to 200 % u gonna get ur self only bad sound  or worst VLC will damaged your Laptop Speaker.

I suggest don not  make your VLC player volume more 100%  (Orange Color) .VLC player is  not the only one to blame software. There  many free software like KMplayer also raise the volume up to 200%.

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