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BM622m 2012 Change Mac+admin log in

BM622m 2012 Change Mac+admin log in

Simple scripts  with admin  user log in  for beginners ..

Fast LAN  Refresh

OLD MAC User ID  promp..

Default log in on WEB GUI


paki edit  ng na aayun sa speed ng computer

Mac Changer Tools  for OLD MAC series (622i,622)

With this tools  1 click automatic  all  old series Mac on your 622m unit

Mapapa dali na yung pag change mac sa 622m gamit yung OLD series MAC (04,5c,00:25 ,10 ,84,78,30, at iba pa.. ilagay lang yung old MAC press OK then wait.... nyo lang mag pop out yung window to proceed to auto matic change authentication via command only...


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