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How to clone a WiFi Hotspot ( Repeater)

This  tutorial how to clone a WiFi  (Repeater).
If you don't have a internet connection of your own but you have a neighbor hood  with a WiFi Internet connection.

You have an access but the problem is you must go out to have a good signal.

Solution  used a WiFi router with a a Repeater function.

What is Repeater?

Repeaters are used to increase the range of a transmitted signal by re-transmission. For a conducted signal, an amplifier is used. Optical systems don't amplify but all these devices give the appearance of doing so.


  • Makes it easy to expand a network over a large distance.
  • Connection between various types of media [e.g. fibre optic, UTF, coaxial cable] is possible.


  • Traffic cannot be filtered to ease congestion.
  • A repeater cannot work across multiple network architectures.

 CD - R  King WiFi Router with Repeater  Setup

1. Plug your WiFi Router in your computer , then type your router  default gateway and log in.
My router   IP is

2.Click the Basic Setting  then change mode  into "client" , click apply if reboot is required  then reboot.

3. After reboot  click the "Site Survey "  look for available WiFi network

After scanning ...

 4. Choose which you want to Clone ( Repeater) ( the one which you know the password  :D )

click the circle  then click NEXT..

5. Input the  WiFi Password  then click  Connect..

6. Click Setup Wizard   the choose "Wireless ISP"

7. After reboot click again Setup Wizard  click the Wireless ISP click next

8. Choose WAN Access Type  ( if you already know their IP  choose static if not DHCP)

click " Next"

MODE: select   "client"

Insert their WiFi password then click finished..

Now Open your WiFi  scan  ..

Connected  :)


Connected no Browse?

Fix your DNS

Or  Check if your Repeater  is connected .

Checked the Statistic

Disabled  the WPS

Dati meron ganito sa CD - R king
Kaso may nag reklamo   basahin ang post: http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2013/09/no-more-signal-booster-and-repeaters.html

If you have other router  like Linksys or D-link  check this out:



joan21 said...

ohh good post friend, i need this for to do a nice work. look this too ! wifi repeater

Noyon Sazu said...

I also like the post! There explain how to setup hotspot on laptop. But I have also same like a site Hotspot setup if you want to know bit more about Hotspot setup please try it.

Umair Saifullah said...

My router doesn't have the survey option. What to do.
I'm using wateen wimax blade 2

Jaime Lacson said...

I guest because that is not a real router that is a motorola wimax modem... if you want to reconnect that you must have a live mac address and change it, and certificate

Mc Noel Cabrera said...
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Mc Noel Cabrera said...
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Mc Noel Cabrera said...
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