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Huawei BM622m Admin and Wimax Password User ID Generator

Huawei BM622m  Admin and Wimax Password User ID Generator

You can generate  user ID for BM622m  MAC even you don't have  a modem.

Admin password   =  Password for 622m package date 2013

Wimax password  =  unique user id pass for TTLS security authentication  2012  mac series 34 ,c8,0c,e8, etc..

How to Run:

  • Folder itself must not place on subfolder   create the folder or extract directly  from your source drive
D:/622mgenpassTool V1.1

  • Don't  place D:/folder/folder/folder/622mgenpassTool V1.1   or else you have a long directory error because the .exe has a batch file.

Input MACS  must not have  colon  ( : )

  • For admin password for 2013 622m
Input both MAC and Serial  same method use in 2011 generator but different  salt

Sample How to use the generated MAC ID/Wimax password on 622i /22.

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