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CMD Batch File Wimax Mac Hunter

Remember the old ways   year back 2009  to 2010  when there is NO GUI makers.
Pure Batch File  hunting with a cmd or command prompt :v
Today there are  many wimax tools to hunt your own mac the bad thing  unlike before  1 Mac can be use in months not in days  LOL

This Batch scripts are editable :)
If you have custom user /pass you can edit the command  using Notepad  specially for  622.

Hunting Time per Mac is 120 second  you can make it  60 to 70 if you want to hunt Fast!!
No Speed Test  Available

For More Info  read the READ ME.txt

Supported Device :  

BM622 Package Date 2009 or 2010
BM622i Package Date 2010

Minimize version with Pinger.bat with DNS Flusher

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How to pause   ctrl+c

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