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Convert Your LINKSYS Router to Repeater (DD-WRT Firmware)

Convert your LINKSYS Router into a powerful, highly configurable  router.
With the magic of DD-WRT, you can turn your old wireless router into a range-expanding Wi-Fi repeater to cover everywhere you need a connection.  No  Wire and cable to extend your network just a WiFi to WiFi setup.

 Note: You must have any idea of flashing this can break your router if you make mistakes.

My Main Router with Internet  D-Link   my Repeater  WRT54GS  LINKSYS

WiFi to WiFi Internet Sharing

By default the TFTP Client is disabled and you SHALL NOT PROCEED UNLESS YOU HAVE ENABLED IT. To enable: click the Start orb and type the following into the Start Search field: "features" (Without the " " of course, but you have to tell some people). At the top of the Windows Start Bar, you will see "Programs and Features;" click on that. In the left pane of the new window, click Turn Windows Features on or off. Scroll down through the Windows Features until you see TFTP Client. Select the option box and press OK.

Lets Start:

1.Check your Router  Model and Firmware at the back of your router  I have  wrt54GS v7

2.Check if there is available generic firmware for your router just  input your  router model and version

D-link and other router are supported just check if there is a green yes

3. Click your  router model and version and download everything.
Sample   i have  v 7.0

 4. Hard Reset your Router   press  the small hole at the back  in  90 second..

5. After your router boo up make your LAN static IP
Click your LAN status  General TAB - Properties - find TCP/IP or IPV4 - click proties  set the fallowing IP

6.  Open a Browser  I prepared  Mozilla Firefox  type  log in  as  root  password  admin  or look for your router  user/pass  at http://www.routerpasswords.com/

7.  Go to Administration tab click Firmware upgrade  location the firmware you download earlier  mostly  the small not the big  size 1mb  wait  5 minutes  ...  no less!!

After seeing Upgrade Success  wait another 5 minutes   NO Cheating 5 minutes OK!!
Then  unplug  then re plug it after 30 seconds.

For WRT54GS V5
Download   files http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=58231

Upload  Prep firmware  wait 5 minutes

After 5 minute unplug the router and replug  then   open a browser  type  then you will see  Management

Click Browse open the  vxImg tools input you router MAC the save any name.bin  . upload your anyname.bin

wait 5 minutes the proceed to step 8

8. Now  Open the tftp  software  type the  IP address  then  password root (or leave it blank optional)  then  browse  your  generic firmware .

NOTE: Your Firmware must be in direct drive C:/   to make sure this will work and no fails

 If success the circle will be in color GREEN

If  about tftp software  fails open a cmd   for  windows  write the fallowing  change the firmware name  (RED) according to your  downloaded firmware

Donoat press Enter Yet just Type
Ready to press Enter
tftp -i put dd-wrt.v24_micro_generic.bin

Unplug the router  Plug the router back in.

Press Enter if your router is connected

on this one I edit the firmware :) so its a NEWD

  9.After the tftp is finished wait and watch the router lights. Open a New browser type the  IP add  it will prompt you to change  user and password  if you have error page loading  after saving try to use Google Chrome.


1. Go to Wireless  Basic Setting  Input your MAIN Wireless router SSID (the one with the internet access)  click  add virtual interface  input a SSID name (Repeater)  click  apply the saved

2. Click the Wireless Security  input the Main Wireless Router Password it must be same Security settings  and pass   click apply then save

NOTE: Same Security on the Main WiFi

Unplug your router  and re plug  and wait   the magic of dd-wrt  firmware.



If You want to change new AP repeater do a hard reset.
The following requires that DD-WRT already be installed on your router, and Telnet (or SSH) services be enabled and accessible.
Telnet (or SSH) into
Issue commands:
erase nvram
mtd -r erase nvram
The mtd method should be used with caution! The erase nvram;reboot method is much safer!
All should be in default settings now.

 Default password

After resetting DD-WRT, you need to login with the user name "root" and password "admin".

If you using CD R-KING WiFi  check may old post  :  http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2013/12/how-to-clone-wifi-hotspot-repeater.html?

WRT54GL (L stands for Linux) is in reality the old WRT54G - Version 4. I use it all the time for Hotspots. with the full amount of ram and flash so that linux hackers can do their thing.

  • Micro - does not contain: chillispot, nocat, rflow, kaid, samba client, SNMP, IPv6, MMC/SD Card Support, SSH, PPTP/PPTP Client, UPnP. This file is under 2MB in size. While it is aimed at routers with less than 2MB of flash space (e.g., Linksys WRT54G version 5), any router should be able to run this version, including Linksys WRT54G versions before 5. Note that the Micro version is considered in beta, so it has a chance of instability.
  • Mini - does not contain: chillispot, nocat, rflow, kaid, samba client, SNMP, IPv6, MMC/SD Card Support.
  • Standard - all features but without VOIP
  • VOIP - all features (without kaid) + sipath for sip voice over ip routing
  • VPN - all features (without radvd, samba, and kaid) + OpenVPN

Chillispot is not in v5 because it is stripped out of the micro version.


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