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Goophone S5 the Samsung S5 copycat

Just a few days after Samsung released its flagship phone, smartphone copycat maker Goophone has released the Goophone S5 which looks almost identical to the Galaxy S5 in terms of specs and physique. But the kicker is that this only costs $299.99 which is more or less half the price of the original S5!

The Next Big Thing Is Almost Here
Goophone has always been forward best smartphone. With new design, this new generation Goophone S5 you have never seen it. Goophone S5 is world's first smartphone powered 2GHz MediaTek MT6592 true octa-core processor, along with 2GB DDR3 RAM, bring better operating experience to us.

MediaTek MT6592 Octa-core SoC
MediaTek is the first adopter of a true, authentic octa-core SoC in a mobiles device, while leveraging its benefits and optimizing the system approach to the absolute maximum. Unlike existing octa-core solutions in the market, which can only activate half of their CPU cores at once, MediaTek True Octa-Core allows for all eight of its cores to run simultaneously, offering the ultimate combination of performance and power-efficiency. With MediaTek True Octa-Core, users can enjoy heavy web downloading, hardcore gaming, high-quality premium video viewing or other types of rigorous multitasking without experiencing lag times or excessive battery consumption.

The Chinese company made their S5 to have the same hole-textured back as the Galaxy S5. It even has the heart rate sensor located near the camera (look!), but no function close to that has been mentioned by Goophone. It could just be for aesthetic purposes to give off that legit Samsung S5 look.

Goophone S5 specs:
5-inch Full HD display @ 1920 x 1080 pixels
2GHz Mediatek MT6592 octa-core processor
32GB ROM, expandable through microSD
13MP rear camera with LED flash
5MP front camera
2800mAh battery
Android 4.2

In terms of specs, the Goophone’s 5-inch display is a tiny bit smaller compared to Galaxy’s 5.1-inch screen, although both are Full HD. Goophone S5′s 13MP rear camera also falls short compared to Samsung S5′s 16MP rear camera with fast autofocus. Also, Goophone S5 lacks LTE connectivity and still runs on Android Jelly Bean.

As seen on their website, the device is currently out of stock; meaning people are patronizing and getting in on this thing. But for $299.99 (approx. Php13,000), who wouldn’t be tempted?

Source:  http://www.goophone.cc/goophone-s5.html

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