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Google Project Ara Module build your own Smartphone like LEGO

Google Project Ara Module  build your own Smartphone like LEGO for 50$

-like a build your own  smart phone  LEGO
Imagine you can build your own Smartphone with Specs at your choice!!

Parts of a functional prototype of a Project Ara phone -- still a work in progress -- including the endoskeleton frame, the screen, electrical components and custom 3D-printed module enclosures

For those wondering what Ara is, it’s Google’s modular smartphone project that lets users start from a basic device and eventually build the handset up with specific parts that users want — be it a kickass camera, more battery capacity, a bigger memory, etc. These parts will be available from a Google Play-like marketplace, but with hardwares instead of softwares.


The scheduled developer conference is the first of many — meaning this innovation is getting a green light so far and is inching its way to the market. The upcoming conference will focus specifically on the alpha release of the Ara Module Developer’s Kit (MDK) that’s been said to hit the web this April.
In addition, Time has reported that the company plans on making this smartphone available in the market next year for $50 (approx. Php2,200) as the starting price. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to shell out more dough as you buy more parts one by one (it’s just like customizing your Tamiya all over again). For $50, you get the basic handset that comes only with Wi-Fi.

If Project Ara pushes through and makes it next year, would you find yourself getting one?

Project Ara
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