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HUAWEI LTE CPE B593 4G Router Installation and Firmware Upgrade

HUAWEI B593 4G LTE Router InstallationQuick guide to get online with 4G router

1)    You should start by inserting the SIM card and then plug the power adapter to the B593 4G router. SIM card must be inserted on the right side when looking at the front of the router. You can see how the SIM card slot in the LTE CPE B593. Power plug must be inserted behind the router.

2) Now you need to connect the router to your computer via wireless network (WiFi). You will find the router’s name and network code on the sticker behind the router.
WLAN – Name (SSID) is the router’s name and WLAN – Key (WPA/WPA2) is the router’s wireless network password. When you first connect the router via WiFi, it would be necessary to enter the WLAN key and get connected.
If you experience problems connecting to the router with the information on the back of the router, this information may be changed. Press reset on the side of the router with a ball pen for about 20 seconds and try again.

3) Once connected, open your Internet browser (eg Internet Explorer, chrome or Safari) and in the address bar, type the router’s address . It’s the device website on the label.

The default language is English, but you can choose your preferred language. Username is admin and password admin in lowercase. You can also find both the router’s address and password on the sticker behind the router.

4) The router will ask you to change the password when you login. You can ignore it. Your router is already secured with the unique network code that you entered earlier in order to connect to the router.

5) Now select Setup Wizard in the left menu.

You must validate your PIN to the SIM card. You will find PIN 1 on the frame, you took the SIM card out of the scrape area. Then click Validate. Tick the Enable next to Save my PIN and press Next.
Please note that the router stores the PIN code for the SIM card. Put a new SIM card in the router at a time; enter the PIN code for the new SIM card in the same way.

But if you use unlocked B593 Router, it’s unnecessary to do this. 4GLTEMALL.com is selling the unlocked B593 Router.

6) You do not need to change anything in the next section called Internet.
Network mode is by default to Auto and Connection Mode to Always On. Please note that “LTE Only” means “4G Only” and “WCDMA only” means “3G only” in Network mode. You can try to isolate the signal to one of them if you wish. If you set it in Auto as recommended, the router will always try to use 4G as a primary connection. Press Next.

7) You do not need to change anything in the next section called WLAN .
If you want to call your router something other than WLAN1-xxxx , it’s SSID , you need to change. We do not recommend that you do, and then you will always be able to find the router’s name on the back of the router if you do not change it. Press Next.

8) We do not recommend that you change the following in the next point WLAN Security. Network code field is WPA with pre-shared key. This code is already unique and you should only use it once when you connect to the router for the first time on your computer or your mobile. You will also be able to find the network code on the back of the router if you ever need it again later.
If you want to change it anyway, you must enter a code on minimum 8 characters and press Next. Otherwise, press the Next without changing the information below.

9) Now press Submit and your router will reboot and you will be on the internet.

10) Repeat point 2 for all devices to connect with the Internet.

Color Codes

Color Coding Mode on the front of the router
The purple color means that the router lacks the PIN. The blue color means that you are on 4G. The green color means that you are on 3G.

Firmware upgrade   — Quick Guide for upgrade

1)  Download the latest HUAWEI B593u-12 firmware upgrade>  (. zip 26 Mb)

2) Save the file to your desktop and unzip the file when you are finished.

3) Open your browser and log into your router via
Username: admin
Password: admin (lower case)

4) Select S ystem > Upgrade select tar.  (The file you just extracted from the zip. file)> press Upgrade, then wait for few minutes, the system will auto upgrade the firmware of the HUAWEI B593u-12.

These steps are also usable for HUAWEI B593s-22 and HUAWEI B593 other models, but the firmware varies.

Firmware  for  B593s-22 (source: unlockmodemfree )

Huawei B593s-22 V200R001B180D15SP00C00 (Normal)

Huawei B593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP00C00 (Universal)

Huawei B593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP00C209 (Megafon Russia)

Huawei B593s-22 WiFi Router V200R001B236D30SP00C00 (Universal)

Default user for Globe 

Open and login as
Username: user
Password: @l03e1t3

 For Admin  and  software upgrader  Tools download below..



Tutorial to unlocked this modem for Free!!
Visit: http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2014/05/unlocked-huawei-lte-b593-free.html

For B593s-931 LTE  August Firmware this is how you  unlock via Multicast  (upgrader) and admin access
Visit: http://www.blogmytuts.net/2015/09/unlocked-b593s-931-lte-august-firmware.html

Here now we just know some of the brand models of HUAWEI B593, they support 4G LTE Frequencies as below:
HUAWEI B593u-12:  LTE  FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz
HUAWEI B593s-22:  LTE  FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz and TDD 2600MHz, LTE Category 4 CPE (Speed up to 150Mbps)
HUAWEI B593s-82: TDD 2300/2600MHz
HUAWEI B593u-91: LTE TDD 2300/2600MHz


Johann Unbekannt said...

Thank you very much for this excellent tutorial! I have downloaded "BMT_Admin and software upgrader.exe". There is a file called "B593s-22_adminpassword123.conf". This file seem to be encrypted.

Does this file work on each Telco-firmware of the B593s-22 or only at the latest firmware "Huawei B593s-22 WiFi Router V200R001B236D30SP00C00 (Universal)"? Does it also work on the B593u-12? How can I encrypt this file?

Thank you!

Jaime Lacson said...

@Johann UnbekanntB593s-22_adminpassword123.conf that is a admin config you have to upload when you are user only... the firmware here not compatible upgrade will failed , your modem wont brick if the upgrade failed it will remain the same.

Jaime Lacson said...

if you want just to unlocked the SIM you can Go here for Free Unlock http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2014/05/unlocked-huawei-lte-b593-free.html

Johann Unbekannt said...

Okay, I understand: user --> admin. My device is unlocked by default, and my telco did provide GUI admin access by default. What he did not provide is CLI root (ssh is open, telnet is blocked) access. How to get it? Extracting the firmware or decryting the config file? Thank you!

Jaime Lacson said...

@Johann Unbekannt upload the ready made admin config..

Jaime Lacson said...

1 Go to System tab
2. Find Upload Configuration File and choose file (upload the file B593s-22 conf file) then click upload
3. After uploading message will popup click ok and wait until the device reboots.

Username: admin
Password: password123

Johann Unbekannt said...

upload the ready made admin config...

I do not need to to this, because I have already admin privileges at GUI (thats default).

I want admin at CLI (root shell) for ushing ssh.

How to get it? Extracting the firmware or decryting the config file? Thank you!

Jaime Lacson said...

@Johann Unbekannt if you want to have free internet... its not about accessing root shell the SIM you use, Here in our country they use BUG SIM bug sim are created by register the sim to any Promo with BUG, You can use thir party software like open VPN that can penetrate open ports ( if your provider allows your SIM to connect with any amount load Balance, or Promo , Connected with No Browse )

Alex Gold said...

Thanks for this wonderful information. Quite impressive!.....Netgear Router Support

Don Couchman said...

Jaime, I have a legit, unlocked B593s-22, but with the Tattoo branding. The admin UI is restricted and I can't get port forwarding working; the ports never open. Can you advise me? Thanks,

Jaime Lacson said...

@Don Couchman upload mo pakayo config nasa itas po yung admin configs.. pakibasa nalang po yung sa zip file may text po duon paano

Jham said...

pa help po, nireset ko sa factory settings ung unit ko na B593s-22, tpos hnd ko na ma access ung bumalik po sa anu po pwede ko gawin?

Jaime Lacson said...

babalik talagasa dati yan nag reset factory kapala ehhh......................... config patch lang yan at di permanent..

Elmershaus said...

HUAWEI B593 4G LTE Router Installation–Quick guide to get online with 4G ... mobilerrouter.blogspot.de

Motiur Goghost said...


William Erasmus said...

Good Stuff!!! However, I need to know the amount of data that each connected device is using.
Any help on this?


Ramil Obial said...

hi sir.. pa help nmn po sa lte cpe b953s-931 after ko po mag upgrade ng firmware ng 931. di ko na po maaccess yung webpage ng modem ko. blank na din po yung default gateway ko. cmd/ipconfig /all... kahit gawin ko pong static yung ip ko.. di ko parin maaccess.. then yung tel icon na po yung naiilaw then flashing na blue and green light dun sa tabi ng signal bars... pa help nmn po please

Jaime Lacson said...

Do the 30/30/30 Hardreset.. method

and wala pong firmware pang 931 dito 22 lang

kervin jay caranto said...

hi sir pa help naman po, ang router ko po is huawei b593s-22 smart lte sim po ang gamit, unang gamit po ay ngkulay blue sya, after 3hrs green na po kulay nya nawala n ung internet, next naman nun pula n po ung kulay anu po pedeng gawin?

Jaime Lacson said...

Try to change New sim minsan ganyan yung smart defensa ng Smart ang ganyan lalo na kung nag bubug ka dine disable nya yung sim di maka konek

jane ferra said...

Guys pa help nmn.. ndi ko ma open yung S22 Modem ko ndi ko ma open yung then pag nmn nilalagay ko na oopen admin account not HUAWEI CPE B593 ndi ko and ndi ko din makita option na Setup Wizard para ma patch.. newbie lng po ako about this PLEASE HELP ME!! THANKS!

lester ding Gilbuena said...

hi ADMIN pls help...
Ibought from a fren an HUAWEI LTE CPE B593-931 modem (tatoo home) its with an LTE GLOBE TATOO sim... since morning am doing this GOD .. but failed .. Ive already change the pass word even wifi p.w.. but unlucky disconnected parin ang sim bi could alread search it via wifi, it states here IPv4 disconnected... am trying to look for the menu (SIM) but it not here... can you help me please....

John Peter Quiamno said...

Panu po ung 30 30 30 Nahard reset.tnx

Jaime Lacson said...


leslie lacanlale said...

pano po mag reconnect sa globe lte sim ?? kasi disconnected na eh please help

kreuz2k7 said...

pa help po. na reset factory ko ung s22 ko. ngayon di ko na maccess using pati ayaw din. may ibang way pa po b para ma access. salamat po sa sasagot.

bogz ortega said...

sa b315s meron na ba?

Jaime Lacson said...

check free unlocking website http://www.blogmytuts.net/2015/04/website-that-you-can-download-firmware.html

BSGO said...

SIr pa tulong sa s22 ko. call on going nasa gui di ko mapalitan signal and ssid password ng wifi. pano gagawin ko sir?

BSGO said...

SIr pa tulong sa s22 ko. call on going nasa gui di ko mapalitan signal and ssid password ng wifi. pano gagawin ko sir?

erick said...

pa help po. na reset factory ko ung B593s-931 ko. ngayon di ko na maccess using pati ayaw din. may ibang way pa po b para ma access. salamat po sa sa sagot.

erick said...

pa help po. na reset factory ko ung B593s-931 ko. ngayon di ko na maccess dashboard using pati ayaw din. may ibang way pa po b para ma access. salamat po sa sa sagot.

DeskasE said...

ask lng po ako..san po ung patch na tinatawag nyo doon sa link na binigay nyo sir?

Unknown said...

sir pahelp nman po,, tuts po ng B593s-931 please...

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