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Power Up Your Mobile Device in 30 seconds

Now, if I say that your Smartphone will charge in just 30 seconds, then you definitely won’t believe it. But saying this won't be wrong, Israeli start-up claims to have created a battery that uses nanotechnology to charge your Smartphone in 30 seconds.
StoreDot unveiled the device Monday at Microsoft's Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv. The prototype charger is capable to charge your Smartphone 100% within few blinks of your eyes, all in about 30 seconds. It depends on bio-organic quantum dots that are nano in size, tiny conductive crystals that help enable nimble charging.
StoreDot is a Nanotechnology Research Company and came across the technology while creating biological semiconductors that can, among other things, store a charge, emit visible light and be used to produce high-capacity, or quick-charging, batteries.

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