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Apple hires Nokia camera expert and Dr Dre appears to confirm Apple's Beats acquisition ; expect better iPhone

Reports are saying Apple may acquire Beats Electronics, but in the meantime the Cupertino, Calif., giant has for sure landed another figure in tech: Nokia's former camera expert.
Apple has hired Ari Partinen, who previously was senior engineer on Nokia's Lumia team. Partinen announced move via Twitter.

Dr Dre has apparently confirmed that Apple is on the verge of acquiring his Beats Electronics company in a big money deal.

Reports that the tech giant is planning a $3.2 billion (£1.9 billion) buyout of the audio firm emerged earlier today (May 9 Yesterday)

 Apple has hired former Nokia Lumia photography chief Ari Partinen, sparking rumors that the next iPhone will feature a revamped camera.

Partinen, who has overseen the development of the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia N8, confirmed the appointment via his Twitter account.

Previous reports suggest that the iPhone 6 will feature a Lytro-style camera capable of capturing layered imagery, as well as electronic optical image stabilisation.

Industry expert Sun Changxu recently claimed that the next iPhone's camera will use larger pixels to draw in more light, resulting in higher image and video quality, particularly in low-lit conditions.

Purported leaked photographs of the iPhone 6 have backed up reports that it will feature a larger display than its predecessors and a more rounded design.

Apple is expected to announce the handset around September.

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