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Google Glass Soon Available at CD -R King

Will we be able to buy Google’s latest wonder gadget in CD-R King? When you think about hi-end gadgets, the last retail chain you think about is CD-R King of all things affordable is set to get Google Glass in its stores soon, according to a teaser in the company’s Facebook page.  

 It’s not yet apparent if the company will only have demo devices of Google’s iconic gadget, or if the company will be selling them directly. There’s also a distinct possibility of the company selling Google Glass knockoffs as well – we wouldn’t be surprised, as the company’s range of gadgets go from USB sticks to an actual 3D printer, so it’s still in the realm of possibility. Still, even if the company is only allowing people to demo Google Glass, it’s an awesome gesture on their part – speaking as someone who have tried the gadget ourselves, it’s really an experience unto itself.

“Get ready to experience Google glass in our store” reads the text on the promotional poster posted on CD-R King’s Facebook page.

 Posted on CD-R King's Facebook page

About Google Glass

The display has a 640x360 pixel resolution, which might sound a bit low at first, but bear in mind the panel is actually just a tiny piece near your right eye. Google claims it provides the equivalent picture to that of a 25-inch HD display when viewed from eight feet away. That sounds pretty good to us.
The built-in camera is a 5-megapixel unit with 720p video capture, while audio is handled via a bone conduction transducer. In other words, rather than having actual headphones it sends the audio vibrations directly through the small bones in your ear, which you then hear as sound.
Onboard storage is 16GB, although 12GB of this is usable as 4GB is presumably taken up by the software. The device is fully synced with Google’s cloud storage.
It charges with a standard microUSB cable. There’s also full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and you can link the headset up with your phone, if you wish.
Google is apparently launching an app called ‘MyGlass’ which can be installed on Android phones running Android 4.0.3 and above. The app is said to enable GPS navigation and SMS text messaging capabilities.

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Sorry to say but the excitement idea of having Google Glass through CD-R King is nothing but fake.
 They deleted the post  may it just a humor at CD -R King and some one post it  on their page because of excitement.You can also view on that posted  image  admin of that page reply some commentators .

The image is not available on their page

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