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New Facebook Scam Wall Posts along with Freebies Malware/Virus Software installation.

If your Facebook News Feed is beginning to resemble a horror film festival, the real horrors are the hoaxes, scams, and malware contained within.
Malwarebytes reported on an epidemic of hoaxes with paranormal themes making their way around Facebook, including:
  • Alleged footage of an “actual” ghost attack.
  • A video featuring the Aswang, which Malwarebytes described as “a mythical shape-shifting were-dog/vampire/terrifying thing from the Philippines.”
  • Mermaids.
  • A huge great white shark tearing apart a sea captain.

According to Malwarebytes, users who click on the scam videos suffer various fates, including being asked to download or install updates to video players, which actually install malware. The ghost attack scam led to the installation of PUP.Optional.InstallBrain.A, while the Aswang prompted unsuspecting Facebook users to download “scan your PC” malware, the mermaids led to an iLivid install that was actually PUP.Optional.Bandoo, and the shark brought users to pages filled with spammy surveys and downloads.

Christopher Boyd of Malwarebytes wrote:
That concludes our spooky train ride through a mid-May haunted house of doom. Please keep your hands inside the cart until the gates have opened, and avoid clicking on fake Facebook videos at the gift counter.

With the  increase in various scams on Facebook to target user, it became very clear that not only does the social networking platform provide special opportunities for people to connect and share information; it also serves as a great and useful platform for scammers to spread malware or virus infections or redirect users to the sites of their own choice.

Latest Facebook Malware:
New Malware Facebook Scam Alert with caption " Vice Ganda Sinabing Loas at Inutil si Vic Sotto" wag maniniwala sa ganitong klaseng post tignan yung link .. masdan FB themes iba yung http link dami uto uto na naman masdan patin yung comment pic din.. at foreigner pa

Update   Vic  Malware :



Will Priestner said...

Oops!!! Malware
. I afraid virus. I will try to avoid these kind of matter in fb. I don't understand why people cheat with each other. I know a man Vito Glazers who stolen money from cancer victim. How sad!!! I am really socked when read this kind of news.

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