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PLDT Home Bro LTE Ultera Plan up to 10 Mbps

PLDT  launches  Home Bro LTE Ultera Plan   up to 10mbps for Php 2,000. This are applicable  for their  three wireless broadband plans .

You need to pay for  each activation Plan for 6 months ULTERA modem has a built in WiFi ( info on this  image below)

Take Note:  Activation Fee will be amortized over the 1st-6th months of your subscription and will be billed on top of your MSF. Speed may drop to 30% of the original speed
once you exceed the recommended usage per month. Minimum speeds of 256 kbps at 85% reliability where wireless broadband is available.

PLDT Home Bro LTE Ultera  Speed per Plan

Here  are the existing  Modem Model For  Each Speed

Applicable to :
  • Home Bro Plan 999 (Canopy or Wimax) Up to  2mbps
  • Home Bro Plan 799  Up to 5mbps
  • Ultera Max Plan Up to 10mbps


For existing Canopy or WiMax subscribers, upgrade now and get ultra fast speeds at lower prices.

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Jim Raynor said...

Not satisfied with their daily cap

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