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A U.K teenager earning nearly $40,000 a year by playing GTA

A 17 year old UK boy is making a small fortune each year by sitting in his bedroom and playing Grand Theft Auto V.

The 17 year old Fred Pye, who is from Shrewsbury, England, has been uploading videos on YouTube for quite some time. However, the real craze started when people all around the world started subscribing to his channel in order to get a glance at the GTA walkthroughs he was posting online.

Nowadays his channel has nearly 2.5 million visitors each month, more than 140,000 subscribers overall and a solid £2,000 ($3,300) monthly income thanks to advertising.

Fred admits that his parents weren’t pleased with the fact that he was spending too much time on the computer, but once they saw his success, they changed their point of view. Apart from being an overachiever in GTA V, Fred is also an A-level student.

He states that his motives behind the hit videos are only to help other players get the most out of Grand Theft Auto V, just as he does.

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