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Facebook's Internet.org app offers free web access in Zambia

Mr. Zuckerberg's plans to bring low-cost internet access to the otherwise disconnected, and today, his social network announced plans to do just that in Zambia. The new Internet.org app allows users to browse weather, health and employment info at no cost.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to connect five billion more people to the Internet.

And that's not all Google Search, Facebook, Messenger and Wikipedia are available as well.

Right now, the option is available to Airtel subscribers in the country, but it will roll out to other parts of the world in the future. Cellular service blankets much of the globe, however the cost of the mobile web deters many from opting in. This will certainly help

Internet.org partners ..to make this possible

Today  15% of Zambia can access free basic web access.

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