The Launch of the Nxtty Crypto Messenger

The Launch of the Nxtty Crypto Messenger
DUBAI, UAE, October 27, 2014, PRNewswire

The Nxtty Crypto Messenger is a new, exciting messenger app that is launching on the 28th October in the Google Play Store and brings with it the future in encrypted messaging services that are seamlessly integrated on a technology platform and design that has been developed for direct access to privacy in a mobile communication service.

Nxtty is structured to be a whole and full-featured crypto messenger that aims to keep its in-built economy relevant and accessible with the use of Nxttycoin and through the NXTTYconomy that involves various features to connect, share, and use its crypto currency. The concept of the NXTTYconomy is to create a complete backdrop for Nxtty as a social messenger with anonymous Open Chat, private chat, a wallet feature, and a simple search option for contacts. Transactions are designed to take place in the app through the use of Nxttycoins that can be spent on intriguing and insightful photo posts from users while the wallet feature is designed to track incoming and outgoing Nxttycoins that will be fully transferable.

Nxtty will distribute the majority of itself to users who download and begin to use the app as the signal for its first time users to have the knowledge and key to the company. The first sign-up of 100,000 users will receive 2,500 Nxttycoins that work in the dynamics of the messenger for users who are active and want to tip posts in the Open Chat. Later on the Nxttycoins will become invaluable to the users who will be able to convert and spend them as a real currency. The 100,000 users that receive this will own and represent 25% of Nxtty through the crypto currency and they will have a dynamic lead in the world of crypto messaging with Nxtty's future developments.

Nxtty is the world's first mobile-based social enterprise that has erupted from the inherent need for privacy in our communication and will continue to follow with its streamlined design that has the ability to address the next generation privacy status.

Please find us on social media and discuss with us further:
Facebook: Nxtty
Twitter: Nxtty @cryptomessenger
Instagram: @nxtty_app
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