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How to Remove Network Numbers and WiFi Profiles on Windows 7

About network number is just a mere reference on how many times a network core was changed.
In some cases a new configured network with a new SSID adopts older names but because the security encryption or password changed and you cannot connect.

Examples of different names for the same Network during different configs:

Network name has its specific settings, which are not simply replaced by a new Network configuration... And this Network settings, tagged by Network numbers, are stored somewhere in the system. My doubt is this: do this records somehow interfere with new Network configurations? I tend to say they do.
If not, why is the merge tool? Merge is useless on WiFi because if you change routers WiFi configs you can't merge. simply delete or edit the profile..

How to remove Network numbers on LAN

1. Open "Network and Sharing Center"
sample click this

2. Click on the "Icon"(a house icon for me) under "View your active networks".
This will open the "Set Network Properties" dialogue. Here you can rename a network connection or change the icon for that network connection.

You can Click on "Merge or Delete Network Locations" to see a list of stored network connections.

You can merge or delete connections here as well as see if a network connection is in use and managed or unmanaged.
Merge this tools is unusable for me because I change security regularly
Delete this is very useful on WiFi but i have better solution on WiFi

To many networks to Merge or Delete  better just rename the Network :p

How to remove SSID on Wireless Connection

Ok like what I sad  If you used the same name SSID  but different Network security key (password) you can NOT CONNECT.
1. Again Open "Network and Sharing Center"
sample click this

 2. Click Manage Wireless Networks
 Right Click the network you want to Remove or Change Properties.

If you click Properties you can able to view Network security Key (password) and change with the new one if you already change your  Router WiFi password.

Other way  direct right click  the network SSID click the properties to view password or change it..

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