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"Mag aral gumawa ng pag ibig" Facebook Fishing Scam

Another fishing scam "mag aral gumawa ng pag ibig"  it will re direct you to facebook ka look alike website themes and ask for  re log in you facebook account.

and if you did

Your Facebook Account  Information is save and can  spam  Facebook post.

DO NOT CLICK or Check  the URL  carefully...

This is Facebook page with an apps ...

Then it will redirect you to a fishing site  ....

 Check the URL  looks like a Facebook but it is NOT a Facebook

It pretends to be  Facebook to get to your Facebook info   ( email and password) it ask you to re log in..

Be  vigilant  Online... don get fooled...

Another Old Facebook color scam  reborn again.. becuase many believe that they can change there FB background..

Same to Who Views your Facebook Profile..

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