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Firefox Security Update Get Worse

Firefox is one of my favorite browser because some add-ons tools I can use for entering secure site.
Firefox 34.0 was released on December 1. The new version includes some security fixes, improves the search bar, and makes switching between profiles a bit easier.

My previous version is version 29 and Firefox is forcing me to update so I update including flash.

The search box on the upper right, why did they change it's functionality? It was easy to use, simple and quick. Once you could put the cursor on the search box and then a list of pages would come down and you could easily switch to one or the other.

V34: can't quickly choose default search engine. Must use Options>Search Tab. When highlight text & right-click, why can't FF have 3 search engine choices instead of just default? This way, you never have to change default.  That simple efficiency wasn't good enough for someone at Mozilla so they decided to make it more complicated and added a step.

Flash sites. Why is Firefox such a pain in the rear over this? I use Chrome for those sites because FF is often nearly useless. This has been going on for months if not years and nothing is done.

I can't enter site with https with no ssl valid certificate ( MODEM, Dark Internet) and some tls security.
Not compatible with some web developer tools I use..
This is the worst update ever!!

FireFox uses Yahoo by default now instead of Google, but if you have set Google as the default search provider, FF will not change that setting. However the new pretty picture will not allow you to delete a search provider you ad, or that is added for you, you can only delete a search provider through about config or the old search bar settings.

Yahoo results are largely the same as the Bing results anyhow. Sucks!!!
I'm down with change, I'm not down with useless changes or ones that add a step or two.

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