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Instagram deletes millions of junk accounts

Photo-sharing app Instagram has removed millions of accounts believed to be posting spam, angering many legitimate users. Last week Instagram announced that it was going to crack down hard on spammers and fake accounts.

A mass campaign to unfollow the official Instagram account has ensued. In the past 24 hours the Instagram Instagram account has lost 30% of their following.

One social-media marketer said that it would be “chaos” and speculated that over 10 million accounts could be deleted.

Not all users are angry about the update however. Some are thankful that Instagram is leveling the playing field and trying to clean up junk accounts. By the end of December 2014, it should be fixed for the remaining members of the Instagram community.

“This can show which celebrity has THE REAL fans instead of a fan who made up a few accounts just to get their favorite celebrity many followers. Good job.”

Rapper Akon reportedly lost 56% of his followers in the cull.

The big losers were Justin Bieber (minus 3,538,228 followers), and an online marketing specialist called Wellington Campos, which lost 3,284,304 followers overnight.

One account, chiragchirag78, lost 99% of his followers - 3,660,460 - before he himself was deleted.

 Sam Pinto lost 14,000+ of his followers

Instagram's own account on the site lost 18,880,211 followers overnight.


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