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How to Apply Nuffnang ATM Card via Security Bank

Nuffnang Philippines since last year  implemented new policy. All payout must be deposited to bank accounts or pick up in the office.

Please be guided on procedures below:

1. Visit the nearest Security Bank Branch in your place.

Check Map here:  https://www.securitybank.com/map/

2. Fill up the form for opening Nuffnang ATM.

Please fill up the form (Cash Card Application-yung pang payroll) And this form will send to Security Bank Fort Bonifacio Infinity Branch.Here is the contact no. of Security Bank Fort Bonifacio Infinity Branch: 02-553-0933 & 553-0936 to assist you.

Make sure to write NUFFNANG PHILIPPINES (Employer/Business name)

3. Kindly inform Security Bank (bank where you will fill up your form) to send your Form at SECURITY BANK INFINITY TAGUIG BRANCH.  (Security Bank Fort Bonifacio Infinity Branch)

4. Security Bank Infinity Taguig Branch will process your atm and send it back to its original place. (bank where you will fill up your form it takes 3 weeks or 20 working days)

5. If you received your ATM email your account number to payout.ph@nuffnang.com  Payment will deposit  to your account.

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