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B593s-931 LTE Modem November Package Date Unable to Unlock

B593s-931 LTE Modem November Package Date Unabled to Unlock

B593s-931  is the latest LTE modem of Globe Telecom

B593s -931  don't have  System tab  to upload admin configs unlike the old model b593 -22 , SO it needs to downgrade.

A  friend of mind  came to my house  ( a teacher )  who bring  this modem, He want me to unlock it.

After  how 15 minutes  signal bar are not full  , I repeat  the  Process.   Start  Upgrade  .  replug the modem   wait for the signal bar to full..

LOL still the same result  . I check the Package Date on about the device it is November

November device can't be downgrade   it means YOU CAN NOT UNLOCK  unless you have August  Package Date firmware.

There is a chance to unlock this modem via  dc unlocker since we don't have admin access to input unlock code  dc unlocker can to that...

source: https://www.dc-unlocker.com/huawei-b593-detect-and-unlock-guide

For B593s-931 LTE  August Firmware this is how you  unlock via Multicast (upgrader)

Download  mga kinakailangan  file

1.Open Upgrader (multicast upgrade tool)
2.browse Firmware Unlocked Bin
3.Before starting make sure your modem is off!!
4.Click Start
5.Open /On the modem
6.wait till 5 signal..
7.STOP upgrade finish with 5 bar signal..
8.Reboot your modem..


1. Open and login as
Username: user
Password: @l03e1t3
2. Go to System
3. Find Upload Configuration File and choose file (upload the file conf file   jhosherxx*) then click upload
4. After uploading message will popup click ok and wait until the device reboots.

Now login :
username: admin
password: password123

May access kana sa ibang setting like changing APN

Pag wala kayo Net change APN  pero yung iba kahit wag na daw auto na yun SIM ang LTE talaga
Change APN
For Postpaid User : internet.globe.com.ph
Prepaid  User : www.globe.com.ph

Yung iba provider paki Google nalang..

Wala ako kinalaman kung nasira modem mo :v

Download  mga kinakailangan  file


Uolreh Zevahc said...

Any updates about this?
i have the same probs here :)

Ralph Jerson La`Von said...

Try to use this... http://www.mediafire.com/download/db31ww0a0fs8zt5/B593s-931_unlock%26debrand.+for+nov+FW+Ralphie+Lavon.rar

Rommel said...

kapampangan ka pala ne brad

Unknown said...

paano mo na unlocked yan gamit ang dc-unlocker kung hindi mo naman binanggit sa post mo kung paano mo na usb mode yan 931 nov firm na yan.? hindi madi-detect ng dc-unlocker yan!

june ilao said...

sir ralph pano gamitin ung ni link mo? through multi cast po b?

isang alamat!!! said...

ok po ba to boss?

Jaime Lacson said...

di mo binasa link ng dc unlocker

Unknown said...

kaya ba tlga unlock nov. firmware?? yung kay dc unlocker ba panu ba un gamitin?

NiteCore Xml said...

pwede siguro usb to lan adapter yun

Wilson S. Gacu said...

Try to use this... http://www.mediafire.com/download/db31ww0a0fs8zt5/B593s-931_unlock%26debrand.+for+nov+FW+Ralphie+Lavon.rar

Working po ba ito? may naka try naba ma unlock ang 931 Novmeber firmware?

Jaime Lacson said...

pang august firmware lang yan hindi novem mag bliblink lang ng 3 bar sa nov yan

Ronaldo Lim said...

pwede talaga yan sa dc-unlocker, need lang mag set ng static ip address sa lan interface para makita at madetect agad ni dc-unlcocker yung interface.

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