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Clash of Clan Anti-raid and Autoraid

This tool allows you to online never be raid, works on Windows PC
First Download Bluestack on your PC
Bluestacks is an American mobile company that produces the BlueStacks App Player and the GamePop microconsole. Both products are designed to enable Android applications to run on Windows PCs, Macintosh computers and televisions. The company was founded in 2009 by Rosen Sharma, former CTO at McAfee and a board member of Cloud.com.

Website: http://www.bluestacks.com/

After you download and install , login your gmail  account  same account on your COC , search and download COC games at Google store . Then login your COC


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GS Autoclicker

If you want strait 6 hours  online and never be raid then use this simple tool GS Autoclicker
Website: http://gs-auto-clicker.soft112.com/download.html
Secure download click skip ads in 5 seconds

How  to setup:

1. Open GS auto Clicker  click Option -> Recording -> Muliple clicks

2. Pick point  - This will record your click

3. click anywhere on your base sample I click Army Camp

You can pick another point
4. Set Repeater   Click Option -> click repeat

set any you want sample 5 secs

5. Set any key to trigger auto click
click the first box

 Press any key on your keyboard sample here is D
 6. Now your ready to auto clik your base on Bluestack.

 Press D to start 
Press D again to stop
Note : If done using this don't forget to exit the Program


This software  is amazing , auto train , auto search to raid, auto donate and request troops

Website: http://clashauto.com/download

To download click secure download on the link  skips ads in 5 seconds

How to Setup :

1.Search Setting
Run ClashAuto  , turnoff your antivirus if this  is detected ,false alarm
Set Search Setting according to your base need or mach
If your base still click all the box Low Level Skip and not Attack
Set search mode how many enemy Gold and Elixir
If your want to auto drop your trophies you can set here too!

2.Deployment Method
Set your troops deployment where you want to drop/ attacking position  and delays

3.Troops Settings
Here you can set each barrack to train specific TroopsAuto Donate and Request Troops  also available
Do NOT Boost Barracks If you don't want to lose GEMS!!

4. Special Function
If you want just to be online  and train troops  without attacking  or just Online only ..LOL

5. Click Free Trial

Sometimes you receive message you already  run out your trial times. 
Solution Select Any Line then click again!!

6.Press F10 to Start

NOTE: I do not post cracks


Similar to Clash Auto but this one is FREE
First release  Game Bot v 1.1  they have latest  version 2.0
This one require minimum screen resolution to work.

Clash of Clans BOT

v6.2.3 Latest free update: 
Offical Web-Page: http://goo.gl/2e8ku4
Official Forum: http://goo.gl/K76DQ9

Clash of Clans BOT
Clash of Clans BOTThis software is amazing , auto train , auto search to raid, auto donate and request troops
Posted by Blogmytuts.blogspot.com on Monday, 11 May 2015

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Clash GameBot FREE MOD

This is  free  working on Windows 10 

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