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Facebook Internet.org was launched in the Philippines

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said Internet.org was launched in the Philippines Thursday morning (Manila time).

Mr. Zuckerberg's plans to bring low-cost internet access to the otherwise disconnected, and today, his social network announced  in Philippines. The new Internet.org app allows users to browse weather, health and employment info at no cost.

Zuckerberg posted a photo of Jaime, a driver in Manila who uses Facebook to keep in touch with his loved ones who moved to the United Arab Emirates.

Right now, the option is available to  Smart or Sun network subscribers in the country, but it will roll out to other parts of the world in the future. Cellular service blankets much of the globe, however the cost of the mobile web deters many from opting in. This will certainly help

 And that's not all Google Search,  Messenger and Wikipedia are available as well.

 Internet.org is a partnership between mobile operators like Smart, governments and Facebook.

Internet.org is available Mobile or PC Access I'm a Globe Subscriber It wont work :p  screenshot below:

Internet.org  first free web access was in Zambia

The Philippines Government DOST ,  Department of Science and Technology is about to implement free public Wi-Fi across the entire country, a massive endeavor that the agency said will start in July this year.

The average speed will be 256 kbps, places where broadband Wi-Fi hotspots will be installed include plazas, schools, hospital, piers, government offices, and airport terminals.

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