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MTimer Cafe Business Solution

 A cafe management system that is easy to use and install
– MTimer is a cafe management system with a simple user friendly interface. It can be installed on any typical computer shop network of any size. No reformat is required as well. Just install the required software and your cafe system is ready.

Multiple Rental and Scheduled Rates
-MTimer provides cafe owners flexibility in cafe rate charges. Aside from standard Open Time and Fixed Time options, MTimer provides cafe owners adjustment options depending on their preference. In addition, MTimer provides Range Time and Scheduled rates for special promos the cafe may offer to their patrons.

Membership System
-MTimer features a membership system where in you can have your patrons become a member in the cafe system. Membership allows the user’s remaining fixed time to be saved upon log out.

 Categorized sales
-MTimer provides cafe owners to manage sales not only for their computer rentals, but for other items as well. Have anything for sale? You can manage them through the Shopkeeper tab of the MTimer server.  Items to be sold are to be categorized as well.

 Detailed Transaction Reports

- MTimer allows its owners to review their transactions through the reports tab of the MTimer Management system. Users can review their transactions from rentals, membership, shop sales

 Game load and phone load selling

-MTimer also provides the owners the ability to sell Game e-pins and Mobile Phone load through (BizCenter).

 Client/Workstation restrictions

-MTimer also provides cafe owners the power to restrict the workstation access from system folders and actions as well as certain websites from being accessed.


    ★ Multiple Rental Rates
    ★ Automated Promo Rates
    ★ Smart Rate Charging
    ★ Wake Up / Restart / Shutdown
    ★ Add / Subtract Time
    ★ Switch Rate
    ★ Pause and Resume
    ★ Group Transaction
    ★ Save Sessions
    ★ Time Codes
    ★ Deposit
    ★ Remote Client Control
    ★ Login and System Restrictions
    ★ Shared Folders

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