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The Captcha Problem

In a middle of the night someone PM me for help. (yung nanay neto sumali sa lola lolo at apo Pinoy Henyo Version last Year wala ako Balato). Captcha Problem by ClaudFlare  Anti DDoS or bot the boy ask how to bypass that LOL.

He's provider is Globe Tel  , Remember sa Globe IP Pool the IP you see at speedtest?

Anyone can use that randomly .

I told him to change browser :v and try again

The boy said it keep generate captcha..  the page refresh and generate new captcha.

and I  told to the boy  maybe he got a banned IP.   and I told  Kulit mo  :v

I never reply him again Hes playing with own PC  and own Modem.

outside of the home  they have computer shop which have another modem.

He need to wait for the  cloudflare server to refresh  and reset.

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