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Create Ubuntu live Bootable USB drive

Anyone can make a free Ubuntu USB drive, CD, or DVD. A Ubuntu live drive can be used as a digital Swiss army knife to troubleshoot all sorts of problems with any PC, whether you need to recover files from a failing computer, diagnose hardware problems, perform a deep virus scan from outside Windows, or even reset a forgotten Windows password.

Visit Ubuntu’s website and download Ubuntu Desktop— we used 12.04 LTS for this, but any available version will do. Download the Universal USB Installer tool, then select your USB drive and the ISO file and the tool will create a bootable USB drive. You can also burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD, but those spinning discs will run slower than a USB drive tricks here use NTFS File format.

Create an Ubuntu Live USB Flash Drive from Windows: In the following tutorial, we show you an easy way to put Ubuntu 9.10/10.04.*/10.10/11.04/11.10/12.04 on a USB Flash Drive using Windows. Once finished, you should be able to run Ubuntu directly from your Flash Drive, just as it does from a Live CD. Ubuntu's  casper-rw feature is also utilized for persistently saving and restoring your changes on subsequent boots.

Distribution Home Page: ubuntu.com
Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 2GB
Persistent Feature: Yes
Ubuntu Live USB Flash Drive Creation Essentials
  • Windows PC to perform conversion
  • Ubuntu 9.10/10.04/10.10/11.04/11.10 ISO or any Click here to Download
  • 2GB or larger USB flash drive (fat32 formatted) or NTFS fast boot
  • Universal USB Installer (does the conversion)
Ubuntu Live USB Flash Drive Creation tutorial
  1. Download and launch our Universal USB Installer and follow the onscreen instructions
  2. Once the script has finished, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot
You should be booting from your own personal Live Ubuntu USB that might also be used to install Ubuntu to a Hard Drive.

Tested on Laptop and Netbook no Disk Drive.

Troubleshoot all sorts of problems with any PC with Ubuntu live drive


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