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How to access the control panel of older Mini bank ATM's

This guide will teach you how to access the control panel of older Mini bank ATM's, common in liqour stores and other small shops 7 Eleven ATM Outside establishment . Depending on how lucky you are, the power this grants you can range from being able to find out how much money is in the ATM, to being able to change the value the machine thinks its dispensing (aka it thinks its giving you $1's, but its really giving you $20's. So if you withdrawl $20, it'll really give you $400)

What is required:

Older mini bank ATM's. These are usually rounder at the top and say mini bank across it.

1. Once you've found the atm, press and hold down the 'ENTER' 'CANCEL' CLEAR' buttons for about 3-5 seconds
2. Then, let go of all 3 buttons and press the '1' '2' and '3' keys in order.
You should now see a screen that says enter password
3. Sometimes, the owners don't change the default passwords.if this is the case, you will have full power. The account you want to get into is the admin account.
The default password can be '555555' or '666666'.
4. If you get in, the menu options are self explanatory.Other default passwords for lower-access accounts can be '111111' '222222' '333333' or '444444'

This is for educational purposes only. Use at your own risk. This trick works on Tranax mini Bank you can download security manual online :v Google.


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