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How to Fix Error Page Share Button on Blogger Template

I 'm changing my  Blog Template on Blogmytuts.net
I test the template on my test blog  with no errors ,  then  I upload it on blogmytuts.net  and test it again..    I got a error share button which are embedded on the template  when I click the Share button instead it open new tab and share it on social media it open a blog post  " PAGE NOT FOUND".

I observed the behavior of the  scripts .

On blogspot.com   it needs data:blog post  which  works perfect on  blogspot with no Domain.

While on blogger with domain   its open  it targets a site page which cause the "Page Not Found".

To fix this we need to replace the scripts with  direct social network links.

On your Template Search Share buttons or Share-post  with data:post

Replace then with this new Facebook , Twitter, Google Plus  share buttons.


Now this is the results..

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