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How to Put News Feed or Breaking News on Template Navigation Bar

I was looking for a scripts for news feed and finally someone give me idea  to copy from other blog template.

Navigation news feed shows your latest post  like Headline News.

Now  here what I did..

The scripts is from Perfect Mag by Sora Template.

Before you try to do this BACKUP your Template First!! .

1. Go to your Template  and find this  keyword  "skin>" .

2. Paste this Breaking News Code  after the <b:skin>


3. Now find another keyword "primary" this is where your navigation bar code place.
we actually creating  new navigation bar.

4. Paste this code before  <div id='outer-wrapper


5. Edit  this  part with your own blogsite and number of post 20 , you can also change the DON'T MISS
just find DON quotes MISS.  then Save!

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