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Cicret bracelet Wearable Gadgets can project your smartphone directly onto your forearm

French company Cicret claims its gadget can project your mobile device’s display on your skin. Not only that, it can also detect your touch input and send it back to your device.

With the Cicret Bracelet, you can make your skin your new touchscreen. Do whatever you want on your arm!

Cicret Bracelet uses a picoprojector to show what’s on your mobile device’s screen on your skin. You’ll then be able to interact with the projected display as if it was your phone or tablet’s actual screen with the help of eight proximity sensors built into the bracelet. The bracelet’s own processor will analyze your input and send it back to your device.

Low energy Bluetooth will communicate with your mobile device. A Wi-Fi component will connect you to the network. It will have a vibrate function and a micro USB charging port.

Touching your arm with your finger will interrupt one of the sensors and return the instruction back to the processor - the Cicret bracelet.

 Flicking your wrist will initiate the display on your arm. The Cicret bracelet will be water resistant and durable. Flick, swipe, pinch and zoom functionality will be supported along with tap to text. You will even be able to answer the phone with a flick of your wrist.

 The bracelet will also supposedly have its own onboard storage, although I’m not sure if it can open files on its own.

The Cicret will be available in two capacities, 32Gb and 16Gb and will be available in 10 colours.

Cicret wants 700,000 euros (almost $810,000) to enable it to complete a working prototype but the company is optimistic about its success. If 'everyone donates one euro' (about $1.16) according to the website, then the company will make and release the product.

If you want to get your hands (and arms) on this latest piece of wearable tech you can either support the crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo or donate via the Cicret web site.

The Cicret Wordpress website asks for donations with no promise of any return.

Donations so far of 112,000 euros (almost $130,000) have been made according to the website. This encouragement has enabled the company to plan to release the bracelet in June 2015.

It sounds too good to be true. But is this amazing device just another piece of vapourware? The YouTube video showing the device in use is obviously a mock up of the product.

Cicret Bracelet
French company Cicret claims its gadget can project your mobile device’s display on your skin.
Posted by Blogmytuts on Monday, 11 May 2015

700,000 euros does seem a lot of R&D to produce a working prototype but hardware development is understandably more expensive to deliver.

Will eight sensors really be able to accurately measure all the gestures you intend to make to your device? I'm not sure of the accuracy there.

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