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Globe myBusiness WiFi HOTSPOT With Ticketing Bill System

Most people need Wi-Fi access for their works, researches and communications. Therefore, the WG-500P offers you a robust and secure hotspot solution which is just perfect for the mini size venues such as café/ airport lounge/ store or shop. The WG-500P provide customizable billing profiles and internet access with time limit control which is based on our billing management.

Get the myBusiness WiFi Hub with a Fixed Internet Plan for only P1899/month, or as an add-on to your existing plan for only P299/month. Enjoy a WiFi Hub Device with up to 5Mbps DSL connection and Landline with unli calls to Globe/TM and Globe Landline.


WG-500P | Hotspot in a Printer

Wireless Subscriber Gateway with built-in thermal printer to generate user's account for Internet access and is perfect for small venue owners.Last year I already post about this device by AGN SOLUTION



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