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Hacker Text Scam King Arrested in Manila Philippines

Hacker Text Scam King Arrested

NBI raid  a house in Manila with a legitimate search warrant Hacker and Text Scam King Roan Sia Alias Mark Tan.
Modos he will send random text message on all mobile network subscribers (Globe, Smart) here and abroad.
He will pretend as a relative of the victim and ask for money (Pasa Load).
Over 50 cellphone he use to operate this scam then send all the Load Credit on his Mobile Sim in Hand.
Then he will in-cash the money using money transaction of the said Mobile Network.
When NBI check his mobile phone balance Over 100 Million Pesos Load  found.

A few minutes latter a messenger (abi drie )also arrested delivering illegal WiFi and Modem for Mark Tan.
Mark Tan sell this item online with unlimited Internet connection no monthly bill.

 source : GMA News

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