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How To Create Contact Form on Blogspot Page

Adding contact form in a blog is absolutely necessary and by doing so you are encouraging your blog visitors to be social. By adding a contact form, visitors will have the opportunity to speak up their mind. So instead of using your blogs comment section, people will contact with you more personally using these contact forms.

Sometimes people in your blog left unrelated message in your posts comment area.

Now we are going to create a contact form for Blogger using Google docs where you can manage multiple forms. Believe; it’s a simple, powerful, spam free contact form for your blog and it has more options.

Benefits of Google docs contact form

  • You can create as many contact forms.
  • You can view all your responses in a separate spreadsheet.
  • Create and easily embed the contact form to any pages in your blog.
  • You can add radio buttons, checkboxes and list in contact form.

How to create contact form for Blogger

Go to Google Drive and login using your Blogger account. Now at the top left corner click create form and you will see different templates to choose from. Better choose the default template and name the title as “Contact Form”.

Now as of basic contact form you will have to create three fields that is name, email and message field. After selecting the template you will see three options that is question title, help text and question type.

Your Name

Now to add a name field select “text” in question type and name the question title as “your name”. If you want to help your readers with more info then you can add help text. Now check this field as required question, so that users will not be able to leave a message with this field blank. Check the Required  Question .Click done.

Your Email

You have just added the name field and to add an email field select “text” in question type. Now name the question title as “Your Email” and mark this question as required. This is an email field and so users have to only enter their email address and not a normal text. In order to force them to enter their email address just select date validation, text and email address as you see in the image.

Your Message

Now for the message field select paragraph text, mark the field as required and name the field as “your message”. Question type  "Paragraph". Now drop down date validation, select text and set the minimum character count as 100. By doing so, your users will leave a long detailed message.

If you wish to add phone number, country or URL field then the process is same what you did above. For number drop down date validation, select number and select greater or less than values. For URL value drop down date validation, select text and then select URL.

Additional Spam protection – Click Add item and select check box and mark it as required question and name it as “Human Verification”. In option field enter “Confirm that you are a Human and not robot!” and click done.

 When you click send form a popup window opens, now click embed and grab the iFrame code.

Copy the code , and the log in on your blogger account. Create a new Page name it Contact Us click the html .

Now paste the embed code in HTML view and publish it.

Now you have a simple, yet powerful contact form in your Blogger contact page. Edit iFrame width and height to perfectly fit your blog.

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