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How to customize Facebook Timeline Photos of You

I'm bored today so I played with my timeline photos.
I try to re arrange them like picture puzzle.

Nine pieces picture  that create a whole picture.
The secret here is to cut a whole picture in nine pcs then upload each on your timeline and tag yourself.


1. Simply way to edit photos- is using PAINT, Select a photo you want to be a cover open it on Paint.
2. On Paint  click View tab menu  check all box  Ruler, Gridlines, Statusbar,
3. Adjust your photo Zoom 50%   pixel 600 x 600.

3. Now start cutting  Click Home - Click Rectangular Selection.

4. Select Lower Right Part  ,  Left click your mouse on 400x400 ( the Red line on ruler will guide you)  and drag it to 600x600  creating a perfect square (size 100x100)
Cut your selected part.

5. Open a Ms Paint again   DO NOT CLICK NEW or your current setting will erase Open the MS PAINT on Start Menu.

Adjust your Background 200x200  with ZOOM  100%  Paste Here then save as Part01

Continue to cut with this pattern....  save PART01 to PART09

6. Upload  Each Part  From Part01 to Part09  on your Timeline ,1 Picture at a time DO NOT Upload all in 1 Album...

7.Each Time you successfully Upload  a Picture, Click and View the Picture and TAG yourself..
(YOU CAN NOT TAG WHILE UPLOADING SOME PART DON'T HAVE FACE - That is why  you should upload it first )


You can change the position of Facebook posts very easily. You need to tag the posts with a date and time and perhaps even seconds. Those times that are earlier will be lower on the page and posts tagged with a later time will be higher.

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