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How to Customize or Change Name PLDT WiFi SSID

Maybe right now you already change your PLDTWIFI  password and SSID.
But you can not remove or customize your WiFi SSID properly.
Most of PLDT user always have  this SSID format PLDTMyDSL_NAME or PLDTHOMEDSL_NAME.
Because of that, now all your neighbors knows that you have PLDT connection hahaha.
Maybe your thinking how to remove that PLDT  on your WiFi connection.

On this post I will teach you how to customize your PLDT SSID WiFi.

1.  Login as Admin

Open browser type your PLDT Gateway IP address
login as
user: adminpldt
Password: 1234567890

PLDT Fibr  Huawei 
password: admintelecom

Home_Bro Ultera
user: homebro
password: homebro 

2. Create a Virtual AP

Click on Basic Setup Menu , and then click WLAN
Find Wireless - Guest/ Virtual Access Point
Select and click the checkbox  Change the SSID Name wl0_guest example here is Blogmytuts. then click save/apply wait a few seconds.


  In case you have old modem ( PROLINK ,Baudtec, FiDA )this are name as VAP0 to VAP3

Ibang Model

 3. Create or Change Password 

Go to Security menu, select your SSID sample Blogmytuts.
select network authentication WPA2 -PSK , Key. Encryption AES or TKIP or chose both.
Type your  WiFi password on the passphrase or Pre -shared 
Click apply/save 

Other Modem :

Othe Modem.

NOTE:  Sa mga nag sasabing bumabalik sa dati yung mga password etc setting . kailangan yung adminpldt user ang gagamitin nyo dahil yung ang may kakayahan mag permanent ng setting saka dapat lilitaw yang Attention blah blah blah..  click nyo yung SAVE laging lilitaw yan  sa Modem na tulad netong sa ibaba.  At Kung ayaw ng adminpldt user meron po reset button yang modem nyo press nyo ng 2 minutes  (tawag duon hardreset para bumalik sa dating config at setting yan) after nyo ma hard reset login nyo ulit yung adminpldt gagana na yan.

 4. Hide the Default SSID

Notice you have 2 Access Point or SSID now we have to hide the default PLDTHOMEDSL SSID.

Go back to Basic Setup click WLAN click check box "Hide Access Point"
Click apply/save  , then wait a few seconds to take effect.
Now,  try to scan if your setup is effective.

For Prolink , Fida, and BauTec  GUI go to Advance  Disable SSID Broadcast , click Apply and Save.

Yung  isang Model  ganito naman tapos lilitaw na naman ulit yung Attention blah blah blah.. SAVE

Gusto nyo makita mga active client nyo (connected sa modem nyo )
Go to Setup , WLAN , Basic, Show active client ( di lahat same kung saan makikita eto kapain nyo nalang)

 Congrats!  Hindi na kalat na may PLDT connection kayo :p

Final Tanong Pwede ba daw kahit Smartphone or any WiFi  Device kung walang computer or Laptop?

Sagot : Oo pwede wala naman pinagkaiba sa browser ng Desktop or Laptop yan..



Unknown said...

Thank you so much! It is an enormous help for us! God bless

Unknown said...

Ayaw pong mapalitan yung wifi password namin kapag nagpapalit po ako nagaathentication problem po siya tama naman po yung password niya kahit din po kapag nag papalit ng ssid nagaathentication problem din po pahelp naman po

Jenelyn Amparo said...

bakit po ganun nung napalitan ko na po yung name at password mga 3 days po bumalik po ulit sa dati.

MarieLiiee said...

Hi sir Please notice me. My gui is very different compare as the one you have. Our modem is Baudtec and I think it's the very old version of pldt and it's really frustrating that I can't find that advance setting to make the ssid hidden. The only way so far that I know to protect our wifi from those hackers. :( Can you please suggest a good router because we want to replace that Baudtec because a lot of hackers can get easily connect to our wifi. Router that has that advance settings and has a short range because our wifi's signal can be accessed far to our palengke which is scary. :(

Please notice this.
Our wifi had been really slow because of them. :((

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